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Finally, an at Home Mold Detoxification Program that Works! Mold Detox with Mold MD,designed by Doctors and Medical Practitioners Specializing in Mold Exposure, and Proven Effective by Hundreds of Patients.

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 Understanding What You're Up Against

Mold Detox Mold DoctorSo you've been exposed to mold and you're sick, but you don't have the $16,000.00 to take the trip to Florida, New York, or the Carolinas for a six day Intravenous drip, or the $865.00 per hour, or any of the other outrageous fees and travel nonsense. 

 The Simple Facts - Mold Makes you Sick in Three Ways

    Allergic Reaction

Most people who suffer an allergic reaction to mold once removed from the mold contaminated environment usually have no further complaint until re-exposed

   Infectious Reaction

Historical data reveals that less than two percent (2%) of all patients complaining of mold exposure have an invasive fungal infection (IFI). Yeast infections and environmental bacteria infections are synergistic with mold growth and common as well. Fungal sinus infections are extremely common and "Thrush", yeast infection of the mouth, is also common. See the complete list of the symptoms of mold exposure  "Learn More"

   Toxicological Reaction

Ninety eight percent (98%) of the patient screened and tested all tested positive for mycotoxins. The toxicological effects of "Mycotoxicosis" (mold or mycotoxin poisoning) are not very well understood by many physicians, and the physicians that claim to know about Mycotoxicosis and mycotoxin detoxification, most are mainly guessing. If a doctor tells you that Cholestyramine effectively binds mycotoxins, or that all mycotoxin can be bound out of the human body, see another physician that understands mycotoxicosis. The most advanced medical test for the detection of mycotoxins (organic poisons produced by mold) in the human body is the Myco - M7 test".  "Learn More"

The Mold Detoxification programs offered on this site adress fungal sinusitis, biofilm caused by fungal colonization, mycotoxin detoxification and much more.
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