Mold Illness - Mold Medical Tests

 Mold Illness, Mold Sickness and Mold Exposure
                 Get the Right Medical Tests and the Right Medical Treatment 

   If you have been exposed to an indoor water damaged environment may have been exposed to mold.

 Mold related illness, mold sickness or a disease caused by mold exposure is common throughout the U.S.

                               What are the right medical tests for your diagnosis?

Before a doctor starts medical testing, one should have a conversation with the doctor, or the laboratory preforming the testing. You should fully disclose all of your symptoms and / or related disease and diagnoses. This can help provide a clear path for testing and your medical treatment.

When a doctor won't take the time to listen to you describe your symptoms, seeking another professional opinion is highly recommended.

Mold Illness and Inflammatory Markers Testing

Doctors who preform inflammatory marker testing do not understand mold illness. The fact is that if a person has been exposed to mold, of course they will test positive for inflammatory markers. The down side is that pollen, dog hair, cat air, dust,and a host of thousands of other common things in your environment will cause you to test positive for these same inflammatory markers. Even if you do test positive for these inflammatory makers, these tests provide no real help for the patient as they provide no treatment path for the physician. This is what is known as "over testing", without medical necessity.

Mold Illness and Allergy Testing

Mold allergies are like any other allergies. Simply remove yourself from the environment and your symptoms should subside rather quickly.
If you complain to your physician about multiple symptoms regarding mold exposure beyond sneezing, itchy eyes and a cough, and your physician recommends allergy testing, chances are they do not understand mold illness and mold sickness. 

Mold Illness - Mycotoxin Test

A mycotoxin test for mold exposure is a great place to start. Mold spores produce mycotoxins (poisons) that have been documented to cause multiple symptoms and disease in human beings. Mycotoxins have been documented as a direct cause of cancer. 

Mold Illness - F.I.D. Test

A Fungal ID test is a test that provides a lot of important information regarding environmental exposures giving your doctor the important information they'll need to help to eliminate wrong treatments and focus on the correct treatment protocol for your specific condition and recovery.