How Mold Exposure Makes you Sick and What to do Next

You're Sick and No One has any Idea ...Why?

Most people seeking medical treatment for mold exposure, mold illness, mold sickness, or relief from the symptoms of mold exposure, have been to multiple doctors and have had multiple tests with no real explanation of why no one can find out what's making them sick.

Mold Exposure Makes you Sick in Three (3) ways:

1. Allergic Reaction

2. Infectious Reaction

3. Toxicological Reaction

Allergic reactions are short lived and usually affect the patient while they are in the contaminated environment . Once removed generally the symptoms subside until the next exposure to mold.

Infectious reactions can be serious and even life threatening. "Aspergillosis" is an infection caused by the aspergillus species of mold / fungi and is listed as the second leading cause of disease and death in the united states.

Common infections include, sinuses, lungs, skin, eyes, nails, brain, and other localized infections. Many times the elderly and the immuno- incompetent are easily infected. Also, those with autoimmune diseases such as; Lupus, Endometriosis, MS, Cancer patients and Cancer survivors, AIDS and ARC suffers as well become infected easily. A new strain of Mold / fungi known as "cryptococcus gatti" has emerged which infects all people including the young, the old the immunocompetent and the immune incompetent and has a 30% - 35% mortality rate within the first three (3) to four (4) days of infection.

Toxicological effects, the fact is medical doctors, PCP's or GP's, are not trained well in toxicology, and they can not recognize when a patient has been poisoned by an environmental impact. Only two (2) percent of patients that complain of mold exposure have an invasive fungal infection (IFI) , however fungal sinusitis affects about 98% of the mold exposure victims.

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 We at Mold MD understand that there are many pathogens in a an indoor water damaged structure such as:
  • Living Fungi
  • Living Yeast
  • Mycotoxins (poisons produced by fungi)
  • Endotoxins (poisons produced by environmental bacteria)
  • Beta Glucans produced by fungi
  • Beta Glucan produced by yeast
  • Environmental bacteria
It is our experience that people suffering these exposures are not sick from only one pathogen. Generally people will test positive for several types of mycotoxins / pathogens and exhibit multiple symptoms.

When one or pathogens are involved this is called a "Co-Exposure"  "Learn More"